Monday, July 1, 2013

Writing Hangovers and Red Solo Cups

GAHHHH I feel like a vampire! The sun is so freaking bright!!!!! My head feels completely numb and my eyes are all droopy like trash bags full of wet cement. Right about now I'm wishing I hadn't stayed up until 4am but last night it was a whole other story.

The thing is, I lost some files to my very important W.I.P, Unearth, and after a few months of writers withdrawal, I have Finally recovered them!! So, it's only appropriate that to make up for lost time I spend every waking(or sleeping) moment reuniting with my highly neglected word documents. Because of this, I have spent every single night this week making up for lost time by sacrificing my sleep. Don't get me wrong, while I'm writing in a silent room with no light but the computer screen and no sound but snoring of my siblings or the tap of the keyboard, it's like heaven. I seriously live for those nights.
But  wake up with a writers hangover, which is totally alright.

Cause I'm a rebel.

Speaking of rebelliousness. Whats plastic, red and can be used in a variety of ways to provide some underage rebellious excitement? Red Solo Cups!

After watching pitch perfect, I was determined to learn the When I'm Gone cup song. It's really cool because all you need is a cup(preferably a plastic one, you wouldn't want to break your mom's glass) So far, I've actually got it kind of well. I'm going to try and perfect it though before I add in the singing.

Sooo, have you ever suffered from a writing hangover? And how did you feel about Pitch Perfect? I LUUUURVE it!

Im sorry this post is so short but I'm extremely distracted right now. I'm watching girl code, my guiltiest pleasure :P

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  1. You watch girl code! Man, your my writing soul mate. I'm currently starting a new novel after months if writers block. *sigh* I've been spending a lot of time on it. Anywho, I love the cup song!:)


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