Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nerdy And I Know It

Everyone has at least one thing that they totally geek out about, right? Unless you're like me, and then you have tons of things that you geek out about. 

And because of this, I occasionally come across as a "nerd" to some people. So if you're a nerd girl, these next few pictures are for you. :)

I personally think that everyone has something that brings out the inner nerd in them. Whether it be Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, John Green books, or even Star Wars, almost everyone does. 

So my fellow Nerd Girls, comment below what makes you geek out and turn into a bit of a nerd. ^.^


  1. Love this post! The pictures werr totally me, every last one. The one about nerd girls always crying had me laughing at how true it is. Anything happens to my fictional family and tge tears just start flowing. And everyone is like its not real. But no its real enough to me :) lol fandoms! Eek! One time, lol. I tried explaining Fandoms to my family and telling them it was TOTALLY REAL they just looked at me like I became some weird mushroom (idk why I said mushroom, just bear with me) and said I needed help. Like No. So yes I'm a complete Nerd Girl, and Proud. Libraries ... sigh I haven't been to one in weeks :D Again love your post, and not to freak you out. BUT SERIOUSLY you are like my other half :)

  2. I relate to this so much. I'm a nerd girl for the past five years and for more years to come.

  3. Nerd girls unite! The pics described me right down to th t :p

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