Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Four eyes, Four eyes, You need glasses to see-ee!"

I'd like to begin by stating that I eat a LOT of carrots. Got that? Good.

So I went to see the eye doctor this past weekend because I decided it was about time to do so and I discovered something about my vision, It's perfect! No, I don't mean 20/20. Unfortunately I'm near sided and as quoted by my ever so sensitive father I am also,"Officially four eyes." I'm referring to the vision that in the Websters pocket dictionary is described as -an image created in the imagination.I'll stop here to say yes, I do carry around a dictionary and yes, I do use it. Judge me if you dare.

Here's the thing I noticed at the Ophthalmologists; everyone who worked there wore glasses.I couldn't help but wonder if this was a mere coincidence or some right of passage in the world of eye care. Then, being my over-thinking self, I began to wonder if ten years ago these people envisioned themselves sitting here with wire rimmed glasses perched on there noses as they tested people's eyes. Maybe a few of them did envision this- and there's nothing wrong with that- but still, what if some of them had had other dreams for their lives?

I'm a control freak so I pretty much have  every aspect of my life mentally mapped out.I will be a published author at 21; a movie will be made based on my trilogy at 22. I'll get married to Bruno Mars at 24 and be rich enough to start a small side fashion line at 25. I imagined all of this without taking in account the inevitable bumps that could appear in my own road and completely change my course.

Every adult in my life has said, "God looks at your plans and laughs." Even as someone who thinks they have to be in control of everything, I know exactly what this means and believe it. It's a statement that terrifies me. What if my life is nothing at all the way I envision it so perfectly? What if I end up the one behind a desk; answering phones and seeing the world through lenses that aren't my own?

When I went to have my eyes checked, I was positive my sight was fine but unfortunately my own seeing spheres decided to retaliate against the long hours of reading and writing I put them through. There's no amount of eating carrots that could change that. In the same way, who knows what unexpected, unpreventable changes could happen in my life could happen to sidetrack everything? This brought me to the realization that I obviously need to stop controlling everything. It's not going to be easy but I'm ready to challenge myself.

Now that I've bored you with my dramatics, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Do you control too much? Whats your perfect vision of your future life? Most importantly, do you like carrots? If you don't like carrots, we can't be friends so uh, consider your choice wisely. :P

(Edit* after 10 minutes of googling images of carrots, I no longer like them. That means I'm not friends with myself anymore. That is all.)


  1. My carrot consumption was always kept in check by a rational fear of have hood eyesight and an irrational fear of turning orange if I ate too much. I think that kept me at a healthy medium haha.

    1. haha! well, at least if you turned orange you'd have the career option of becoming a part of the jersey shore cast xD


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