Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekly Wrap up-Things to take with you into this new week

1. Confidence- It's not about how others perceive you, it's about how you see yourself. Everyone struggles with confidence at some point. But Have no fear! This week over at J.o.a.l.l.o.p. the girls provided 7 days worth of uplifting and inspiring words.
Missed it? Check it out here

2. What makes a good opening to your story? Here, we were given a set of questions to help decipher whether or not our opening chapters were any good. Also, a chance to have our writing featured on a blog?
Interested? Of course you are! click this

3. Miley Cyrus still Cant Be Tamed...
hehehe okay nothing against her like, at all. I actually like her new songs, it just..that music video for wrecking ball was one of the awkwardest(no its not a word) things I've ever seen. awkwarder than the word awkwarder or awkwardest. That's pretty awkward.

4.Cinderella's getting her own movie adaptation! Don't think the exclamation mark means I'm happy about this. Cinderella was my least favorite princess growing up. I never had a true reason but I suppose it was because she was so darn helpless. I mean seriously, dudette, you feed these evil step sisters and step mom breakfast lunch and dinner. You've never felt inclined to put ground glass in their coffee? You do realize you'd inherit everything tright?
That's beside the point though, Cinderella has a chance to redeem herself in my eyes, and even though I wasn't all that excited nor did I see the snow white remakes, I'm actually kind of pumped for this one!
Click here for more information

5. New Teens React and Youtubers React!
Teens React to Ylvis the fox
Youtubers React to Mass Text

6. Monday may be the worse day ever, so here is something to remember if the wicked Monday trolls try to bring you down,

Friday, September 27, 2013

My Fall Bucket List

Fall Expectation



I was gonna start this post off with all the things I love about Fall and I ran across the picture up top which pretty much sums it up. I mean, Hoodies, Hot cocoa,boots, jeans,cuddling, crisp air, and flushed cheeks. That's just a whole lotta yesness for one season. And in the perfect world, maybe that would be majorly true. Unfortunately, my reality usually is being huddled up in piled on sweatshirts because of my earlier decision to not use my shopping money to by a coat. During this time I am usually as sick as a salmon and no one would get close enough to pass me a tissue, let alone cuddle.

However, I still love fall! The cold weather usually comes so abruptly, it's quite hard to adjust to, but once you do it's suddenly like everything is just that much more dreamy and pumpkin scented. And I dont even like pumpkins! According to wikki answers, fall officially began September 22 and ends december 20th.(Whodathunkit) in the mean time, here are all the things I wish to accomplish while the leaves are crunchy and the sky is just dim enough to have an excuse to cuddle up inside and read a book.

My Fall Bucket List

1. Go to a bonfire
2. Take a walk in a sea of fallen leaves
3. Lay out a blanket and read outside with my dogs
4. Discover the perfect hot choclate recipe
5. Carve a pumpkin
6. Buy another pair of boots!
7. Five free hugs! (hey, it's cold out! Why not right?)
8. Read five books
9. Go to a cafe wearing a creepy mask and sit there and write for a few hours as people stare at me
10.Watch a scary movie
12. Haunted house!
13. Complete one completely out of this world dare
14.Have a switched at birth marathon

Lol so yeah, my list is kinda lame but these be my goals! I'd love to know what you're plans are for the fall! Also, what are your favorite things about this time of year?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

You're a Writer, Claim the Title

Hey everyone. So I don't have anything interesting to say but I found this online and I thought I'd share it. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ollie With An H (Excerpt)

Once again, I am at a complete and total loss for what to write about today. I need to stay true to my one post a week however, so i decided to introduce you all to my newest project I'm undergoing. if you read my work, you'll notice immediately that this does not have that deep dramatic tone. This was really me proving to myself that i can write happy fluffiness with no complete depression or sadness XD This is the first chapter.

Ollie with An H 
All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2013 

       Song Inspiration: Wild Child ~Juliette Simms

     "He's wearing blue paint as pants! Paint! Ohemgee Holland, you have to look!"
I felt my arm roll in an out of its socket by the tug of Quinn’s unusually forceful grasp.
"Will you please repeat that sentence and then tell yourself why I'm not going to look?" 
     I averted my eyes instead, to a group of guys playing instruments on the lawn. Heavy combat boots and worn converse sneakers trampled over each and every inch of this venue. It was bad enough that they could simply sit on the filthy ground; the fact that one of them actually was laying a sloppy cheeseburger on the cement was enough to make me gag.
And I, Holland Gray never gagged; along with other things.
"This is so incredible! Don't you agree? What am I saying? Of course you agree! Everyone here is so free!” she gasped for air when she finished exclaiming.
"Yeah well that guy won’t be free once someone reports him for indecent exposure." I said, disinterested.
     There was a sharp pain in my neck as I tried to avoid the scene my best friend swooned at. My eyes had fallen on one of the five who sat with their instruments. A pair of cherry red headphones adorned his ears as his head swayed lightly. He tapped at the gum stained cement with untied shoes. His fingers wrapped around a badly chewed pencil as he scribbled ferociously at a notepad sitting in his lap.   Quinn was saying something about being in love with unhinged freedom when the boy I was watching looked up. His light brown eyes were like magnets in the way the grabbed mine; my punishment for staring. I swallowed, feeling the uncomfortable sensation of a torrent of butterflies attacking my stomach. I jerked my eyes away. My neck was like a tightly drawn rubber-band in the way it popped back in Quinn’s direction. And that's when I saw it.
Blue...just so much blue.
"Hello ladies." An extended hand came into my view but I was still left in shock at what my poor eyes had just witnessed after of,course,that awkward stare off.
The avatar man who stood before me took this opportunity to take my hand in his to shake it. But it wasn't until Quinn thumped me in the back of the head that I pulled my eyes up to see his face. He had a young charming features and sandy blonde hair. The only thing that was missing was clothes.
"Uhm, uhm." I stuttered.
"This is my friend Holland." Quinn spoke up for me, while ever so eloquently elbowing me.
"It's nice to meet you Holland." He said, watching me with an amused expression before turning to her. "And you are?"
"Quinn, Quinn Kassidy." she beamed. "I’ll be competing in the Battle of the Bass this year."
He took her hand, but instead of the warm shake he'd given me, he lifted hers and kissed it. Now, I was sure my gag reflexes did indeed work.
"I'm Brice, front man of Element. I put together an electric guitar version of the Earth song for my audition. It's a tribute to-"
He interrupted himself, making me jump back as he leapt into the air to do a hurky. He landed sloppy, blonde hair falling over his face as he finished saying, "mother earth."
Was this guy seriously using spirit fingers?
Quinn giggled. "I look forward to seeing your performance."
"Yours too." he said grinning. He was obviously quite confident in his blue stained skin. "Heads up though. This competition is not for the weak. There's a million dollar contract on the line. This year I'm pulling out all the stops."
My motor skills had finally picked up, and my eyes had adjusted to the idea that a naked kid was standing in front of us carrying on a casual conversation.
"A million dollar contract?! Quinn! You told me this was just a small talent show!"
She shrugged nervously, "I left out a few small details."
"Excuse me while my best friend chews my head off." Quinn said reluctantly, reading my mind. She let me drag her off a few feet away, Brice's view of us being blocked buy a large man having a lively cellphone conversation.
"What's going on here?" I hissed. "You lied to me about this! Your mom thinks we're here for a nonprofit talent show! That means technically, I lied to my parents and yours!"
"No, it means technically you're covering for me which isn't as bad."
I crossed my arms over my chest.
She rolled her eyes and it looked like she just might laugh, which only made me even more delirious. "Come on Holland, live a little! This could change my life and yours!"
"My life will be over the moment I step back into my front door."
     I'd already pulled out my cellphone to confess to my mother what a terrible delinquent I'd been. I'd crossed the line already by letting Quinn dress me this morning when my parents had left for work. A shredded midriff bearing tank top and a patterned mini skirt with a pair of high top chucks. Within twenty minutes, she had turned Holland Gray, the conservative good-girl, into a harlot.
She took my phone, clicking the lock screen.
"You know, I find it kind of sick that I have to tell you that you don't have to tell your parents about this."
I gave her a look. She knew good and well that I was not good at lying to my parents.
"Look, what is it? Do you not have any faith in me? I expect that from my family but not you Holland. Please."
I sighed opening my mouth to speak. Before I could, the naked boy popped his head around the man who'd served as a divider. The man's lip snarled up in disguist and he bumbled away, mumbling under his breath.
"So you guys are doing a duet?" he questioned, strolling over.
"I wish. Holland here is selfish, she likes to keep her beautiful voice to herself." Quinn said, flipping her dark hair over her shoulder.
I waved her comments off, "I'm not into the whole fame and fortune thing. I love music for what it is."
"We're touched Holland,really. But that makes me a lonely solo act."
"And I'm your groupie." I followed sarcastically, still partially fuming that she hadn't told me how big of a deal this was.
Brice chuckled. "You girls are funny; you should come over to the green where the rest of the acts are practicing. I can introduce you to everyone here."
"We'd love to!" Quinn piped up, shooting me a pleading look. She forfeited my cellphone back to me. "That is if my best friend doesn't mind breaking curfew."
     I swallowed down all my reservations realizing how big of a deal this really could be. Quinn was talented at four; she was out of this world at thirteen. Now at seventeen years old, smack dab in New York city, she was skilled enough to be chosen as one of the top hundred performing in this, "small talent show." I had no doubt in her ability to go far as a singer, I just wasn't sure I was ready to be left behind when it happened.
I took a deep breath. Holland Gray was a good friend until the bitter end, “Fine. Let's make you famous."

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Constructive Critiscm

What would you say if I told you that I could see you through your computer? Yeah, I can totally see you through your computer and we need to talk..about your hair. I can totally see that at some point, you actually put some work into but I just need to tell you this because I love you(tube), You didn't do a very good job. I mean, what can I say? It's absolutely terrible, you need to use the proper left hand right hand technique when you use your comb and brush! You should only blow dry for approximately 15 minutes and everyone knows that when you condition you should massage your head in counterclockwise rhythms. I know, I know...It probably hurts your feelings, but you understand right? I's only constructive criticism.

Here's the thing with constructive criticism, it's extremely subjective. Different people react to it differently, and different people use it in different ways.

Majority of the time, when given constructive criticism, a person will take it and use it, but then there are other times.The reaction usually goes as follows...
or my favorite, when you ask if they get it. They say they're fine but you know,

So how do you know how you should take constructive feedback? How do you know if the person has your best interest in mind, or if they're just one of those people who use "no offence" to blatantly offend you? As someone who writes and draws, I personally love constructive criticism. In fact, I will pester people to tell me the truth if I feel they're being too nice about something I've showed them. But ofc ourse I have those days when I wonder if this person is saying it to be mean or if they're really trying to help. here's a good example, this is a drawing of mine. (I realize the shading is off)

I personally thought it was pretty good, I hadn't drawn in about three months and when I did this it was trying something completely from my mind and using tools I never used before. Anyways, I was swapping art work with someone I didn't know, we were just sharing art. I complimented hers but when she looked at mine, her reaction was, "Wait what is it?" So I told her maybe she should flip it because it was upside down and she said, she already flipped it, she still couldn't tell. Felling extremely embarrassed, I explained what it was and her reply was, "Ohh now I get it!!!But aren't the eyes to big? And is the face anatomy okay? O.e Its awesome! I can't even think of making that without any reference."

I wasn't angry at this, and I agreed. I mean, she complimented it right? Sure, the eyes actually were kinda big and I guess if the face anatomy wasn't covered by a bandana, it maybe was a little off. But a part of me also felt a little hurt. Like, either maybe my art wasn't good, or maybe the girl just felt like being mean. I mean, was it really that hard to tell what it was? I didn't know what to think about it. Was it constructive criticism? More than likely I was just being overly sensitive, either way, it brings me to this point, Everyone at some point is going to get some feedback that they may not like. Whether it is true or not, it will be impossible to tell with some people. But learning to handle constructive criticism is what we can do. So here are some tips when dealing with feedback

1.Use the advice, don't abuse the advice(Dod Gammit, I'm a philosopher!!! Somebody better tweet that!)
-Always take a moment to think about what someone has said when they are trying to be constructive. However, don't dwell on it. Especially if it was something that was really hard to swallow. Use that advice to improve but don't let it linger in your mind. Don't keep coming back to the words they spoke because every time you do, your mind will twist it into something it's not.

2.Put yourself in their shoes.
- The fact of the matter is, I'm not always right, you're not always right. No one wants to admit it but its true.If someone asked your advice, I'd hope you want the best for them. That either means being nice and lying, which is...lying to someone you care about. Orrrrrr it could mean telling the truth because you want them to do better, or you simply tell it like it is because hey, they asked. Whichever reason, how would you critique something you thought wasn't perfect if the shoe was on the other foot? I'd hope you'd be honest.

I learned this in either us. history or some other class last year. You need to agree with something they say because 9 times out of ten, they are at least partially correct. You don't have to agree with everything but don't act like you have no fault whatsoever. Also, if you agree, it will take some of the burn away on both ends.

So what do you think? Have you ever gotten some feedback that you weren't so happy about? ow did you handle it?