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Guess who was nominated for what....(Reposted)

I was nominated for a Liebster Award by a fellow blogger Ony! EEEEEEP I'm soooo happy! EEEEEPP I'm a monkey! EEEEEP what the heck am I doing that for?

As with all things, there are rules, EEEP! Sorry, couldn't help myself. And now I must slowly turn my eyes down as I get annoyed looks from my mother...nice going. be ye rules!

    1.Link back to ze person who nominated you 
    2.Answer ze 11 questions given to you by ze nominee
   3.Pick 11 bloggers with under 200 followers to be nominated
   4. Come up wiz 11 questions for your nominees to answer
   5.Notify ze nominees "

Step one: (Ony's fabulous blog)


Stepety 2:
1. Why do you blog? I Kept a diary once..didn't turn out to good. A semi tell all blog about being a writer(oh the irony)seemed like the next step to sanity.
2. Favorite song?This question! DIEEEEE! UGGHHHH I HATE IT! there are so many songs i'm obsessed with right now. I suppose I'll choose Antivist by Bring Me the Horizon.
3. Are you in any fandoms? YUSSHHHHH. Well kinda, I don't really like to label myself like how directioners are directioners or beliebers are beliebers. I'm just a fan.  I love Pierce the Veil though and I think that fandom is called the Sexicans or the Vielers? I guess that's me? XD
4. Do you have an idol, if so who?Jesus! that wasn't a joke, it really is Jesus. I wish I could be as perfect.
5. If you can go anywhere in the world where would you go? Macchu picchu in Peru, Greece, Rome,Paris, Martinique
6. Favorite color and why?Rainbow!!! I hate single colors! I want them all to be together
7. Would you rather be toeless, of fingerless? neither. I know, I'm no fun
8. Strangest Dream you've ever had? The kung-foo fighting beagle. *shivers. So he started off walking with a cane right? Next thing I know, the sucker is busting all kinds of kung foo moves on me and chasing me up the steps! 
9.  Favorite quote?“A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”
― Maya Angelou
10. Do you have a favorite youtuber, if so who?eeeehhyeah, this one is difficult. I love Joey santagato, jenna marbles, ryan hyga, mazzi maz, jacksgap, zoella, britpop life, sam pepper, caspar lee...and on and on and on
11. Style icon?
hmmm...good question. I really love Shailene woodley's style. It's simple and cute at the same time. She's so normal looking, like she doesnt even wear that much makeup and she's so naturally pretty. Also, I can totally appreciate Rhianna's fearless style. I'm not a huge fan of either of these girls because I'm more into he fashion than their trades but I really do love their styles :)

Step 3:
Ehhh It's not eleven but these guys deserve it...
Nocturnal Instincts

My questions for you! (Answer them on your blog)

1.How did you come up with your blog name?
2. Dream Job?
3.What's the last movie you've seen? rate it
4.What was the most annoying song of the summer? Why?
5.Pancakes or Waffles?
6. Favorite superhero?
7.What color would you use to describe you as a person?
8. Guilty Pleasure?( Something you love but you kind of feel embarrassed or bad about. i.e, my guilty pleasure is phineas and pherb)
9. Who inspires you?
10. If any, what quote or saying do you live by?

A look into a teenage writer's world of kissing scenes

So by now you should know that I love writing and if you've seen my post titled, Noise, you'll also know that I'm a total sucker for cute fluffy romance. Unfortunately, if it's not a short story, then eventually cute fluffy romance leads up and up until you reach that dreaded moment...the KISSING SCENE! dun dun dun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was faced with this problem last week as I opened up chapter eighteen of Don't Save My Life and told myself, "Today is the day. Your readers have waited patiently for this moment. You will not choke."

Armed with a glass of water and dry coco puffs, I set at it again. but another 6 hours later, I ended up with(drumrolll please) a cute little four hundred word; before, after, and during this uncomfortable scene excerpt. I think the hardest part of writing a kissing scene for a teeenager like me,(one who still subconsciously closes her eyes when princess jasmine and Aladdin kiss.) is knowing how much is enough, and how much will or will not satisfy. 

Here's the thing, you want to make it incredible! I mean, that's what you've built your readers up for! that moment where it clicks that these two might actually have a future after all of your incessant jeering from outside the walls of the pages. Otherwise, there is no doubt that there will be an angry mob of readers storming your home at two o'clock in the morning. Trust me I've been one of them!

When it comes down to it, there are so many questions dealing with the perfect first kiss in a book.
Will it accidentally turn into a make out scene?
Will it be too bland it it's not a make-out scene?
Do sparks really fly? will that fly with your readers?
Was there a zing! can love be love without a zing! Mayvis had a zing! i need a zing!!!!!

Fortunately I managed to sort it all out. Now in honor of getting past this grueling period in my life, I'd like to celebrate by displaying the best kisses ever. Disney kisses!!! I also just downloaded a ton of old disney soundtrack songs to my cell phone. I'm feeling extremely Disney right now!

So what was the cutest disney kiss in your opinion? What about disney love stories in general? Also, please tell me in the comment's if you'd like to see a post that gives you the excerpt of the scene :)

Friday, August 30, 2013

It's MY Day MY DAY, the day right after Friday! (J.O.A.L.L.A.P)

It's MY Day MY DAY, the day right after Friday! (J.O.A.L.L.A.P)

So today is my day to introduce myself for the J.O.A.L.L.A.P collaboration blog. You really want to know who I am?* Comes closer and whispers* "I'm Colonel mustard in the study, with a revolver." Don't believe me? Go check your study, and if you don't have a study...well this is just your lucky day because you live to learn a little more about me!

See that up there^^^first thing you should know about me, I have a very odd sense of humor. Not many people think I'm funny, but my six year old brother likes my jokes so hey, 

(I've actually seen that episode of yogabbagabba. It was kinda life changing;)

Anyways, my blogging alias is Leah Lotus. Only my blogger J.o.a.l.l.a.p buddies know my real name and I plan on keeping it that way. Also, I just realized every reference I've made so far has made it look like I'm a guy who just so happens to have a female alias. Sorry about that, I am a female. Now, I'd like to sit here and talk about myself but if I did that, I'd end up giving you an entire essay, I decided I'd spare you today so I'll list some thangs off.

The basics:
~5'9-5'10-I'm a tall girl who's employed in the art of turning off ceiling lights for people and squashing children beneath my Sasquatch feet.
~born dec 14 
~i like presents on special days *wink
~birthdays *cough wink*
~I've always dreamed that someday some random blog reader would buy me a giraffe *cough wink wink wink*

2. I'm a  writer!
~Writing makes up majority of my life. Seriously.

3. I'm a singer!
~ Not to toot my own horn but my neighbors once compared my voice to the sound his wife made while giving birth to triplets. Childbirth, such a beautiful thing, kinda like my voice  ;)
4. I'm a grammar natzi's worse nightmare.
~Which is ironic because I'm a writer.
Wat U GAt A pr0bl3m wit meh writN lik3 dizz?!

5.I love fashion and clothes and all that tasty stuff. 
~Shopping makes me happy. Really happy.

6. I love all music but my top is definitely different genres of rock. Papa Roach is my all time favorite band :)

7. I probbaly should have done this one first but anyways. I LOOOOOVVVVEE JESUS! Woot woot! 

Well that's it folks! I hope to see you all check out the new blog with these lovely girls and myself! :):)

J.O.A,L,L.A.P, Phoebs

So for all of you who missed it on monday, I'll paste it from there.
Hello all you wonderful wierdos! So me and a few other bloggers are doing this collaboration blog called J.o.a.l.l.a.p and right now it's in it's birthing stage.(stay tuned for more and links) This week you will be seeing  a lot of posts from me, well, not from me, but my counterparts. We will each be doing introductions this week, next week, I will not post for J.o.a.l.l.o.p on here but i hope you guys check it out. :) Without further or due, meet Phoebs.


Bloggers Week! Me :)

Hello Beauties!
So as part of the Joallap Collab week, I am posting today! Whoop! If you do not know about the Joallap Collab, I will link the 1st post where I explained it at the bottom. 

A big part of who I am is music. To my friends, I have a very weird music taste. They all just like music off the charts, and anything else was deemed uncool. I used to just like chart music, and some of it I do like, but I developed my own 'unique' taste when I was about 9 and my dad bought me the ellie goulding bright lights album for my ipod . I used to just listen to Starry Eyed but then I started to prefer her other songs on the album. Right now I am listening to Guns And Horses from that album haha.

So whatever my dad downloaded, I would find a song I liked and listen to it all day. For example my dad got the take that album and I listened to SOS for EVER. Then he liked florence and the machine, so did I. I carried on until I got my own itunes account.

So heard Skater Boi on the radio and I searched it on youtube to listen to then after I heard the song I clicked on all the other songs by Avril Lavigne and downloaded the ones I liked best. Same with Lily Allen . I do like some current songs, and I am into rap, but I had heard Drinking From The Bottle before it was on the charts. So I was quite proud when I was with my friends in the car and it came on after it was just released and I knew all the words. :) 

 My music taste definitely shows my personality. It shows I am not afraid to be different ( listening to songs not on the charts, I can be really upbeat ( rap) I can show my true feelings easily (Lily Allen) and I have a deeper side ( Avril Lavigne. Listen to My Happy Ending, its deep k .) Obviously it some ways it doesnt. And I do listen to other artists. 

So please, do not do something to fit in. Be yourself, and do your thing. Who cares if you listen to rock music, have a whacky fashion sense or only read classical books. IT. DOESNT. MATTER. People should like you for you on the inside, your personality, rather than what you do/dont do. If they do judge you like this, they are not worth knowing. 

Friday Night - Lily Allen
Guns and Horses - Ellie Goulding
My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne 
Fifteen - Taylor Swift 
Who Am I living For - Katy Perry

Hope you enjoyed my take on the theme 'You ' for Joallap Bloggers week. 
LINK to explain J.O.A.L.L.A.P

Ta ta!xxxxxxx

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4 days until J.o.a.l.l.a.p! (Aveen)

So for all of you who missed it on monday, or yesterday I'll paste it from there.
Hello all you wonderful wierdos! So me and a few other bloggers are doing this collaboration blog called J.o.a.l.l.a.p and right now it's in it's birthing stage.(stay tuned for more and links) This week you will be seeing  a lot of posts from me, well, not from me, but my counterparts. We will each be doing introductions this week, next week, I will not post for J.o.a.l.l.o.p on here but i hope you guys check it out. :) Without further or due, meet Aveen

Hey Everyone!

So I'm part of the J.O.A.L.L.A.P blog collab (link below) and the theme is to write about ourselves. Everyone's posts have been absolutely fantastic (and reposted on my blog along with everyone elses) so today I'm going to be writing about my Tumblr obsession! (Along with other obsessions)

So my Tumblr journey to insanity began in January 2012, when the nostalgia of Christmas had begun to fade. I didn't really reblog many things, just comedy posts. It's quite embarrassing when I think of it, I chose to reblog the most bland, boring posts on the internet. Even worse, I thought I was COOL for it. *cringes at self*

 I began reblogging posts from my fandoms in around March 2013 ( a fandom is like a book or tv series, or like YouTubers, more on them!) along with quotes, cute images and everything else in between. Then I lost my dignity (so my family says) because I turned into a full on ''fangirl''. I was heavily influenced by a former friend and I was in a laid back school year, Transition Year. Due to having more time on my hands, I began to spend all that time on Tumblr and my blog! I have no regrets, I've made so many friends through both these sites! (But back onto fandoms and shipping, I'm sorry this is random at times!)

My main fandoms at the moment are the Phandom which is Dan Howell and Phil Lester, two of my favourite YouTubers in existence. Many people ship them together, but I ship them as like a bromance or long lasting friendship. I adore their videos and check their Twitters practically daily to see if there's a new video or anything interesting happening (I'm made myself sound so bad there, oh my gosh)

I'm also in the Divergent fandom, The Hunger Games fandom, Sherlock, Doctor Who, TFIOS, basically any thing Vlogbrothers related and if you count singers, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Paramore, One Direction (one and off) and many more.

I basically ship everything and anything! Shipping is putting two people together in a relationSHIP or a friendSHIP. Who am I kidding, it's nearly always a relationship. In Harry Potter for example I ship Hinny, Romione, Drapple, Jily and RemusTonks! My OTP (One True Pairing) at the moment is Dantesers, Danisnotonfire (Dan Howell) and maltesers!

Did I also tell you I have a John Green book shrine? Yeah.

So that was a major part of my life, I'm planning on making a YouTube video in the coming weeks about the same issue. 

                                                                             My OTP, Dantesers!

Here's some of the miscellaneous things I reblog on a daily basis, except I won't be because of school again. *cries* So here is probably my last blog post of unplanned insanity! 





How to describe insulting someone's ship.. 

One of my favourite Divergent stills! 

I also reblog some cute photos and quotes 

So that's about it from me about my various fandoms, ships and incurable Tumblr obsession! 
Leave a comment if you agree that Tumblr is addictive or whatever you think, I LOVE hearing from you all!
Also, to anyone who didn't know about Tumblr, I am sorry, please don't blame me for ruining your life! :) 

Here's the order of who'll be posting! 

Monday ~ Lemmie
Tuesday ~  Jamie
Wednesday ~ Ony
Thursday ~ Me!
Friday ~ Phoebs              
Saturday ~  Leah            
Sunday ~  Alex

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

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J.O.A.L.L.A.P birthing day three.

So for all of you who missed it on monday, I'll paste it from there.
Hello all you wonderful wierdos! So me and a few other bloggers are doing this collaboration blog called J.o.a.l.l.a.p and right now it's in it's birthing stage.(stay tuned for more and links) This week you will be seeing  a lot of posts from me, well, not from me, but my counterparts. We will each be doing introductions this week, next week, I will not post for J.o.a.l.l.o.p on here but i hope you guys check it out. :) Without further or due, meet Ony.

J.o.l.l.a.p - Ony

Hello, Onyees :) Today as you guys may know is Wednesday, Day 3 of J.o.l.l.a.p's birthing week, and as the title says...It's my turn! Wohooo :D
 So today, I'm killing two birds with one stone, by painting my nails (something i need to do) and doing a post for J.o.l.l.a.p! Since this week's theme is 'You' where as you seen from  Jamie and Lemmie where we blog about ourselves! I'm going to do a simple nail polish tutorial where i choose colors and designs accordingly to my personality. *Le Begin*

I'm starting off my design by painting my nails a soft 'Tickle Pink' (Great name, AVON)
 This color represents the girly side of me that i let out this year, as you can see from my     blog -which i find pretty girly- I also choose this color because, this year I've been enjoying the color pink, 

I let that dry :)


I am now using the color black :) It's not a normal black, but one of my favorite polishes a metallic grey! I use this color by painting a thick strip covering the top of each nail. 
 This color represents a dark part of my life, and that I'm not such a girl, getting dirty is not such a big deal! As i said it also represents a dark part of my life when i went through depression, and started cutting. This was from May 2012 to June 2013, this was a sad part of my life, but i survived :) 
#Cutcakenotwrist :)


I was pretty hesitant to add the color orange into my design, because i didnt really want it to 
look haloweenish, but i just had to. Orange is my favorite color and it has been since..fifth grade i think? This has been my favorite color, 
because it stands out, and it represents my quirky unique personality :)
I paint this on by doing a slanted triangle from the bottom corner to the top of my nail :)


 I was looking over my nails, and thought the design looked too bland, and not like the pretty wikihow picture i based this design off of. So I decided to (attempt to) paint a small blue 
The finishing look doesn't look too shabby, right? :)
cross on my left ring finger. This represents my Christianity if you didnt know :)


So, thats a basic outline of who I am :)
Hope You enjoyed the post :) Stop by my blog, for more :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day two of our introductions for J.o.a.l.l.o.p collaboration blog! Lets do thiiiiisssss. Today is Jamie's blog! Please head on over to her blog and check her out. Well don't 'check her out,' that would be extremely creepy and Escaping normal doesn't like creepers between the hours of 11 pm to 12 pm on weekdays.


Monday, 26 August 2013
Hey guys!
As you might already know, I'm participating in a collaboration with 6 other bloggers. You might have seen me post their posts on my blog, but it's just for this week so don't fret! This weeks theme is YOU. Well, It's actually about me, but whatever semantics. 

So I've been thinking. What defines us as people? As individuals? Is it my beliefs? My interests? Or maybe even what others perceive me as. And I've come to realise, it's d) all of the above. I'm me because I'm everything
It's impossible to put someone is a box and say "This. This is who you are" based on one thing because then everyone with that one thing would be the same. And thus, I have decided to illustrate myself through a series of pictures, cause everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. 

163 cm :(

Sweet baby jesus Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans

I am hilarious. Don't doubt me.

I do. Not even lying.

aaaaand everything Studio Ghibli

Dan and Phil? I think yes.

All day. Erryday.

 And last but not least,

Monday, August 26, 2013

Doing something new

Hello all you wonderful wierdos! So me and a few other bloggers are doing this collaboration blog called J.o.a.l.l.o.p and right now it's in it's birthing stage.(stay tuned for more and links) This week you will be seeing  a lot of posts from me, well, not from me, but my counterparts. We will each be doing introductions this week, next week, I will not post for J.o.a.l.l.o.p on here but i hope you guys check it out. :) Withought further or due, meet Lemmie.
Okay, here are the cons: 

1) I'm pretty tall (5ft 9). This comes with a few cons: When I fall it is further to fall, it sucks flying on planes and I can't wear heels without towering over my friends. I can also never be inconspicuous and hide in crowds.

2) Where I live. I live in a village which has about ten shops in it ( three of which are charity shops), I have to take the train if I want to go anywhere and I have to cycle a fair way to my friends' houses. I live in the UK, so it rains nine months of the year and is cold the other three (except for two weeks in July where everyone rushes outside wielding barbecues and sun cream).

3) I spend too much time on the internet, which means that I waste a lot of time laughing hysterically on my own.

4) I am in secondary (high) school, I'm just about to start year/ grade eleven, which means that I have a lot of school work and revision to do. It can also be very bitchy, with a lot of cat fights and gossiping.

And here are the pros:

1) I'm pretty tall ( 5ft 9). This comes with a few pros: I can nearly always reach the top shelf and tall people are easier to spot in crowds. I never have to wear heels to be taller and basketball and netball are easier.

2) Where I live. I live in a village; this means that there is a lot of trees, fields and open spaces. I live near a train station so I can go to Bristol pretty easily if I need to go shopping etc. I live in the UK which is an island, so there are loads of beaches.

3) I spend a lot of time on the internet, I watch a lot of Youtubers and Vloggers, read blogs and go on Facebook, Twitter etc. This is great because I get a lot of quality internet time,  laughing hysterically on my own.

4) I'm in secondary (high) school, I'm just about to start year/ grade eleven, which means that I get to meet loads of new people and see my friends every day. I also don't have to pay any bills, cook for myself or do my own washing!

I hope you have got to know me a little bit better,

Lemmie x

Saturday, August 24, 2013

What's in my bag? Writers edition.

Happy first weekend of the schoolyear everybody! I hope you spent it right. I did some laser tag and began the Go teen writers 100 for 100 writing challenge.2,000 words in two days!

So I was scrolling through youtube one time or another, and I noticed flashy titles advertising, "What's in my bag!" Now, I'll admit, I never once opened even a single one of those videos but it gave me an idea. How about do one to show all of you guys? So without further or due, here is a glimpse into the bag of a writer, please keep in mind that I carry a bag the size of an eighteen wheeler. Also, some componenets are interchangeable so yeah.

Black Sharpie: If it isn't obvious by the faded writing, I use this thing a LOT. I can't live without it, I can't go without it, and I never ever trust people who ask to borrow it. (Let that be a life lesson, no one should ever ask to borrow your black sharpie without supervision)

Tinted Lip Balm: If you notice, this lip balm is actually the Christmas themed one. It was sent to me in a care package by my aunt last December and I still have it. Yay me! (I can't even keep a fish for 3 hours either it disappears in the toilet or in my stomach) This is a lifesaver. Not only is it a SPF and wonderful moisturizer, but it goes on a nice tinted raspberry color. I am not the type of girl to cake her face in makeup. That's why I like this, I can apply it anywhere, anytime without a mirror and I know it will keep my lips purty.

Wet n' Wild Megalength Mascara: Like I said, I refuse to spend time applying a face full of makeup but even being my nerdy self, I do like to maintain that innocent librarian type look. I've tried many mascara's but this is by far my very favorite. The bristles are surprisingly tiny and when I first bought it, I was on the verge of marching back into the store to get my money back. However, when I applied it I realized that maybe these magical mascara fairies had a method to their madness! It's perfect and I suggest it to everyone. The bristles grab every single one of your lashes and make them look fluttery and sweet. 

This eraser....I can't even.....I won't even...asfkjbs;gskhdfbfj LOVE: Seriously, my aunt gave me this today and I don't know where from but I will tell you, it was sent by the Gods. I don't care how heavy it is, I will forever carry it around to write any wrongs that could ever possibly mar my life. Just look at it! Ahhhhh perf. :)

Mini Perfume: I do not suggest buying perfume from those mini bottles that you can find at dollar stores. The one displayed here was personally given to me by someone I know who makes these but you can find them at beauty salons,salon stores, flea markets, places like that. They're incredibly cheap for such good quality scents and there's no way you will bump into anyone with the exact same one as you. I love to use this one as an emergency measure. It doesn't spray, it rubs on to your skin so it also gives you a very pretty but not oily glow so you end up looking like you've just walked out of a perfume magazine advertisement. I love reading magazines at the library and now I don't have to swipe the scented advertisements. xD I kid!

Ugh, these cursed things. Okay I give up, I really do need these glasses, I'm as blind as a bat if I have to read anything thats two feet away. On the brighter note, I like to put them on when I'm at fancy places, I get nods of approval and I can keep from looking like an idiot by tripping and falling over entrees and bus boys.

A good book: This is one of those interchangeable pieces since I'm always reading a new book. Depending on where I'm going, I may carry it in my hand with my purse strap hanging from my mouth. I kid again! No but really, my book ALWAYS comes first. (I'm not really into vampire books but I borrowed this from my cousin and so far, it's pretty good!)

Finally, My writing binder. Now this, I try to bring with me everywhere because I never know when inspiration will strike or when I remember something that I forgot while writing. It's actually really big so it's hard to find space for it, but I manage.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got a few ideas as to what you might want to put in you own purse if you carry one. Comment below and let me know :) (that rhymed.)