Friday, September 27, 2013

My Fall Bucket List

Fall Expectation



I was gonna start this post off with all the things I love about Fall and I ran across the picture up top which pretty much sums it up. I mean, Hoodies, Hot cocoa,boots, jeans,cuddling, crisp air, and flushed cheeks. That's just a whole lotta yesness for one season. And in the perfect world, maybe that would be majorly true. Unfortunately, my reality usually is being huddled up in piled on sweatshirts because of my earlier decision to not use my shopping money to by a coat. During this time I am usually as sick as a salmon and no one would get close enough to pass me a tissue, let alone cuddle.

However, I still love fall! The cold weather usually comes so abruptly, it's quite hard to adjust to, but once you do it's suddenly like everything is just that much more dreamy and pumpkin scented. And I dont even like pumpkins! According to wikki answers, fall officially began September 22 and ends december 20th.(Whodathunkit) in the mean time, here are all the things I wish to accomplish while the leaves are crunchy and the sky is just dim enough to have an excuse to cuddle up inside and read a book.

My Fall Bucket List

1. Go to a bonfire
2. Take a walk in a sea of fallen leaves
3. Lay out a blanket and read outside with my dogs
4. Discover the perfect hot choclate recipe
5. Carve a pumpkin
6. Buy another pair of boots!
7. Five free hugs! (hey, it's cold out! Why not right?)
8. Read five books
9. Go to a cafe wearing a creepy mask and sit there and write for a few hours as people stare at me
10.Watch a scary movie
12. Haunted house!
13. Complete one completely out of this world dare
14.Have a switched at birth marathon

Lol so yeah, my list is kinda lame but these be my goals! I'd love to know what you're plans are for the fall! Also, what are your favorite things about this time of year?


  1. Love your Bucket List! Too bad it doesn't get very cold down South :(

  2. I'm from the south too! I guess it just depends on which state. Where I live I mean it doesn't get too cold but it gets cold enough to count ;)


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