Sunday, July 7, 2013

Update on my life

Ello lovelies!

So a quick wrap up of whats happened in my life and the life of this blog over the last week. Firstly, Payton came, saw, and conquered. I'm so psyched to see what she'll bring to Escaping normal. Second, I'm going on a road trip! We're at a hotel tonight and will be on the road all tomorrow! Third, a Starbucks is being built in town where I live and ohemgee I couldn't be happier! By the time I return from vacation in august it should be built, and I really hope to get a job there. Finally, I got this in my email and wanted to share my excitement with you,

Dear (hidden name)
Congratulations! The openings to your stories, "Unearth", and "Count to Ten" are among the Top 25 most voted submissions in our 2012-2013 solicitation period. Over 100 openings were in contention during this period (though many were later withdrawn and removed by its authors due to low vote count).

At this point, we request that you submit full manuscript(s) of your stories (or excerpt, if your story is a novel) in MS Word format, with your actual full name on the first page. Please attach the manuscript(s) in your reply to this email. In order to meet our publication timeline goals, we will not be able to accept manuscripts after August 1.

In addition, per the rules detailed in the website, we will be making a $50 donation to the middle or high school of your choice upon receipt of each of your manuscript submission(s). An additional $100 donation will be made for each of your stories if they are among the 15 that are chosen for publication in the anthology book. If you could, please let us know the name and address of the school you would like this donation to be made to, as well as the name of the school's Principal. All donations will be mailed out before the end of August. The school will also receive an equal share of any profits from the sale of the anthology.

Thank you for your invaluable contributions to Dull Pencil!


Dull Pencil Editor

AHHHH!! Okay so I know out of one hundred, the top 25 isn't totally aw-worthy but gosh this has to be the biggest thing I've ever won in the entirety of my life! I mean, besides a stupid pencil in elementary school, cheap school teachers, whatthe freak do I want with a pencil? Anyways, maybe I wont be chosen for an excerpt of my novel to be published but this alone has pretty much made my life.

So yeah, I thought I'd share that with you all and I promise next weeks post will be much more interesting and not so self absorbed :P

Talk to you all later!
Peace, love, coffee mugs xxx


  1. WOW! Thats friggin amazing! Where did you make you book public? Like how did your books get known? And top 25 is great, you gotta to staart somewhere, right?

    1. It's this website called DullPencil. I think I went to it because it was advertised on goteenwriters like eight months ago and basically all you had to do was post the first one hundred words of your novel, short story, or essay.And yeah :)

  2. You're so lucky!! You get a Starbucks built where you live, and you get to go on a roadtrip?? I'm totally jelly! :D But congratulations on your book! That's AMAZING!

    1. Haha well I'm actually in the more rural area so it will still take like fifteen minutes to get into town for some starbucks but I can deal with that. And thank you!


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