Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm an alien

I'm beginning to think that either my fellow teenagers are engaged in some big joke that I'm not included in, or I'm an alien. I started noticing these symptoms even before I could certifiably call myself a teen. I think you could say it started in kindergarten. These were the days where i'd cry an awful ugly cry hours before the school bus came to pick me up. Why? Because my mom would always force me into some outfit that I really just didn't want to wear. In retrospect, I feel embarrassed, realizing how bratty I must have been to cry every morning and give my poor mom such a hard time but alas, this is not the point, so I should stop rambling about it. 

Lets try this again, one day my mom wanted me to wear something that six year old me hated and  somehow some way, I ended up in school with a pair of high water jeans with two large holes in the knees. I know what you're thinking, the same thing that every adult at my school had to be thinking, "poor little girl with the worn out pants. She must be poor, she must be starving, she must be neglected!" None of these things were the truth however, I just thought I looked awesome. That's awesome spelled M-I-N-I-A-T-U-R-E H-O-B-O . On the positive note, I can actually say that not only am I possibly and alien but im also physic, I knew ripped jeans would be in style one day and years later, my prophesy came true!

More to the point, ever since those early fashionista in training years I've always been a little out of the social normalcy loop. I wasn't an outcast or nerd but kids weren't jumping over themselves to be my friend. I usually ended up friends with the kid who didn't have friend because i was always new, which was fine because I never was pressured into becoming someone I wasn't the way most kids are during their school years. It also helped me to grow a thick skin because on more than one occasion the people I befriended somehow became popular and suddenly were too "in the loop" to deal with the likes of an alien.

Now, at 16 I can feel an obvious tear between me and other kids in the thread that makes up this generation of teens. It seems like every body is so alike and they make friends easier than me.Its because people who like similar thing or live similar lives tend to get along better. I know this sounds like I'm complaining but I'm not. i'm proud to be one of a kind. It's taken a lot of ups and downs to create myself so that I can't be placed in any stereotypical boxes.

I know it took a while to get to the point but without further or due, I'd like to sound off on the things that I find utterly and terribly odd and ridiculous as far as teen trends go. 

1. Twerking. I find it disguisting and senseless. However, the elders react to twerking video was probably the funniest thing I've ever seen.

2. Instagram. I just dont understand how people can really be enjoying their lives if they're stopping every other second to pose for a selfie. Then slapping a filter on it to make it fake. There's nothing genuine about that. Whatever happened to moms snapping pictures of us and capturing us in terrible expressions. It sucked! But looking back in photo albums at those imperfect picture is soo worth it.

3. Irresponsible Drinking. I have a fear of not being in control of my own mind. drinking does exactly that, except the next morning you dont remember anything. Irresponsible drinking also leads to many things that can deeply affect the rest of your life. And for what? A night of feeling on top of the world? No thanks.

4. Being overly flirtatious. Maybe I'm just envious of the girls who have the ability to get any guy they want and dump him at the drop of a dime.But personally, girls who call every single guy "hon" and post things on fb like, "texting my best guy friend. I love him sooo much.blah de blah blah, xoxox", these girls come off as desperate to me. But then again, this is coming from mrs. eternally single so, what do I know?

5. Mainstream Rap music. I can get heat from this one because I'm black and stereotypical america says that all African Americans love rap. i hate it. I used to like old rap and I love underground work from artists like hopsin, tech9, and slaughterhouse but thats where it ends.I like those artists because their music has a message and those are the only three groups that promote life outside of money, sex and fighting.  Listening to rap on the radio upsets me. It's derogatory and as a female, almost violating to the ears. I'm going to stop before I begin to sound very feminist.

The list goes on but I'm already sounding like a very opinionated mean persons so I'll stop while I'm ahead. While reading over this post, I am noticing that maybe you're thinking this list is why I dont make friends. Let me assure you, I actually dont bellyache this much in real I dont bother people about how they live their life, I just dont want to be the one doing these certain things.I forgot to write that at the beginning.

So what about you? What sets you apart? Or  if you disagree, tell me about it. :)


  1. I so relate to this; as a black girl as well I really don't fit in too much. I think twerking is just sexual dancing (you can lose a lot of calories but still) and as a black girl I don't feel "black" and more "white" if you will. Unless I'm mad I don't talk black at all or know any black slang. And on top of that I love Asian things! I'm like a panda, black, white, and Asian. But that's just who I am I guess lol; does make me an unique individual.

  2. lol at the panda thing. ^_^ I'm happy you related to this post! :)


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