Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Ideas.

Hey, everyone! I just thought that I'd let all of you know that I actually have my own blog (something I neglected to mention the other day) so if you're interested in that, here's ya go. URL: If you follow me, I'll follow back. :)

In case you don't really want to follow me on there (leave me to drown in a pool of my own jk.), then that's cool too. But I actually have some fun summer ideas listed on there that you all can do when you get bored.

Sooo...I figured that I could write a couple on here. You know, just in case you don't feel like following me. ;P

  1. Get Snowcones
  2. Play Messy Twister
  3. Play Yard Twister
  4. Water balloon fight
  5. Water gun fight
  6. Wash a car
  7. Paint fight
  8. Photo bomb someone
  9. Indoor fort
  10. Fill a kid pool up with bubbles
  11. Summer snowball fight
  12. Shaving cream fight
  13. Tie dye
  14. Race shopping carts
  15. Sidewalk chalk the street/sidewalk
  16. Run through sprinklers
  17. Sun tattoo
  18. Go to the fair
  19. Glow sticks or balloons in pool
If any of you are interested in some of these ideas, then feel free to use them and have fun! If you're wondering how to do something on the list (like if you need instructions on a summer snowball fight or whatever) just feel free to ask me! I can always make another blog post with the instructions on whatever you need help with, or I can just reply directly to your message. Whatever works for you. :D


  1. These are perfect! I'm saving this list in my mental list of important. It will be placed just in front of basic math and right behind random facts about llamas. XD
    I followed you blog btw :)

  2. Finally, something to do this Summer. Great List. I will have to check.out your blog.


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