Friday, June 28, 2013

Sugar Bears! (insert squeal)

So, I was walking through the mall today and something caught my eye. It wasn't the man in the extremely long false eyelashes, or the teen guy with gages the size of my fists. No, what caught my attention was a guy in his late twenties, wearing khakis with huge pockets and curly hair. Now before you think that I'm about to go on some girly rant about some guy, I'd like to point out that it wasn't exactly him that I noticed, it was the furry little creature crawling all over his arm! Yes!

As the redonculously anything furry addict that I am, I immediately rushed over to steal the creature from his hands.And I'm quite serious about that, well basically. I mean, he was saying something but I "accidentally" cut him off and asked to hold it and kind of played with it while he talked so I missed a lot of what he said besides the words marsupials, because, hey, it's a fun word. Anywho, the little fury creature I'm referring to is called a Sugar Bear. Cute name right?( Though throughout the day I've called it everything from a "sugar daddy" to a "sugar Baby" oops)

Said sugar bear was the size of an open hand. He kind of resembled a squirrel slash chipmunk and who can resist a chipmunk? But here's the kicker, Sugar bears arent rodents at all! Like I said before, they're marsupials so they're in the same family as Koala bears and kangaroos! The guy selling them , with the help of an adorable and strikingly brave and intelligent little onlooker, told us all about them and basically how they are the perfect pets. I mean, they are quite literally no maintenance. They dont need shots of any kind, and are very hygienic. This is kind of turning into a research paper so i'm going to link you to more info.

Here's the craziest thing I wanted to share. When the guy placed his personal sugar bear a few feet away on the floor, it automatically ran back, scurried up his leg, and found its way safely back to his owners pocket. Isn't that insane? Like, you will never ever lose it because once they bond to you(in a few weeks) they consider you family forever. You don't get that kind of loyalty anymore!

Anyways, I was so drawn to these little guys that I ended up hovering around his booth in the middle of the mall each time I walked past. Ermm, I guess I should also add that we were there for about 3 hours and I passed the booth a considerable amount of times. I think I was starting to make the guy nervous after I ended up coming back to the mall later in the evening with a whole new group of people and demanding to hold the sugar bear once more. But I swear that wasn't the reason we came back a second time, it was just a coincidence. *cough*

Anyways, the little onlooker I mentioned earlier, the one who totally used her cuteness to take the sugarbear from me, well she will probably be receiving one for a Christmas/birthday present. Sense it was clear she wouldnt leave until her mother said otherwise. I on the other hand, can not afford to pay 400 dollars for one so I will be saving for however long it takes until I can get one of my own. Just thought I would share my mall experience. :)

p.s, i got these image form the internet.


  1. Lo freaking l! Man, ur unlike most of the girls who would blog about the makeup hot guys and clothes that is found at the mall. But no instead you talk about your Sugar Daddy. Haha I mean sugar bear. I loved this story and was laughing the whole time. Why do you not have and audience of 100. Haha and don't get me started on your blog intro. Weirdos like us don't get locked in asylums we run asylums. I think I'm going to have to steal tht quote. Okay I've already wrote too much but not enough. Love your blog

    Your new follower,

    P.s I'm not sure if u followed me
    ..but u should. My blog is good right? :)

  2. haha thanks!
    and I loved your blog but I was trying to figure out how to follow :P


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