Monday, June 17, 2013

Reading Dealbreakers

Here's the scene; it's a hot summer day, and you've got nowhere to go but a deep feeling of yearning for something new is coursing through your veins. It's all eyes on you when you walk in but you can't help but spot a hot little number leaned against the shelf.

Now, any other time, you'd find yourself withdrawn. But you have a sudden urge to bring #Y.O.L.O back to the summer of 2013; so you chance it, making your way across the room. *Cue the slow music as the love doctor gives you an extra dose of spunk, take a deep breath, and go in for the kill.

Suddenly, you're back in the library, reading over the blurb because you can't risk being fooled by such an intriguing cover. It was a good idea because ,Ugh! It's not only about vampires, but it's written in third person! You place the book back on the shelf and walk away. Looking back only to whisper, "Sorry, you're not my type."

Now children, what have we learned from this? Don't talk to books, you'll only break there hearts! Not really. There is amazingly no lesson to be learned here unless you're some creep who's against checking out books. (ba-dum-bum!) But really, what I meant by all of this was to offer the question; what are some of your reading dealbreakers? If you're unfamiliar with the word, it means the things that would not make you date a person in a million years if they were the last person on the planet. (atleast thats what I got from watching santagato tv.) So I want to apply this to books. What are some things that would stop you from reading a book even if it were the very last one on Earth? Here are some of mine.

1. If it is written in thrid person.
~ I can't begin to explain how much I loathe the thrid person P.O.V. I've turned down so many potentially good books because of it. What can i say, I like feeling like I know the character. The whole show me, dont tell me kind of thing.

2.If it strays too far from my beliefs.
~I'm pretty open minded but all in that implies.

3.If it written about someone too much younger than me.

4.If it doesnt contain a lick of romance.
~This sounds dumb, but honestly, I'm a hopeless romantic. I'm not saying it has to be all steamy(that would be breaking dealbreaker number 2) but I personally think that romance can make a story so much better.

5.Steampunk,historical fiction,zombies,or dystopian.
~Dont get me wrong. I loooove history. Just not in fiction.

So these are just my personal opinions but I'd love to hear your dealbreakers when it comes to reading :)


  1. UGH! THIRD PERSON! I'm with you there. Third person drives me insaaaaane. I'll still read the book, perhaps...but I'll only start reading it. No guarantees on getting too far.

    --Amanda F

  2. Yes, If it has no romance, I refuse to read it. If it doesn't have some kind of fantasy thing going on, even if it is something small. I refuse to read it, (there was a few exceptions, but very little ) I can handle 3rd person, only if it does a great job digging deep in the characters and their backgrounds. Love this post. YOU ARE AN AMAZING WRITER , i'll be keeping a look out for you in the next amazing writer of 20sommethi :D


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