Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Reality of Summer

Daydreams, fantasies, shameless hopefull wondering; we're all guilty of it. However, I've notcied that these glazed eyes moments seem to rise in epidemic numbers following the end of the Christmas buzz. But Le Gasp! What could be so dreamworthy that we'd rather zone out than pay attention to our lovely teachers and oh so exciting schoolwork? The answer is simple, Summer!
For me, thanks to magazines, ABC family, and good ol' blockbuster hits, my mind automatically me and an abundance of friends roasting marshmallows around a beach bonfire, trying somethng new and exciting or being saved by spiderman. I even make a summer bucket list which I end up redrafting until that faitful last day of school. Fast forward about seven months and you will find me in sweats and a t-shirt, surrounded by books and hunched over my writing journal or laptop. Dont forget the moments where I glance up to look wistfully out at the rain and wonder what happened to my perfect summer that I'd planned s vividly in my mind.
On these rare moments where I found myself lucid, my mind no longer in a fictional world, I realize how much this sucks! I suppose t is this that has made me realize that I need to make some kind of change. The fact is; no matter how many times I turn on my i-pod and stare out of the car window, my life will never be that summer movie. Thats the sucky part of reality, it's just so realistic. However, that doesnt mean I have to spend every summer day engaged in a fictional world(no matter how perfect it is).
Most of us wont score a dream internship, tour the seven wonders of the world, or have the storybook summer romance. What we can do, is make it the summer we can look back on as bestselling authors and say, "That was the summer that helped pioneer all of this." So here are some small goals I have set for this summer. Theyre simple enough to accomplish, but ambitious enough to say that you indeed did something this summer vacation.
1. The obvious one, say yes to every oppurtunity that approaches you. Oppurtunities may not be abundant to you, but knowing that will only help you recognize them when they do come up.
2.Dedicate atleast 3 hours a week on a writing project. Emphasis on atleast.
3.Step out of your cofort zone one time. This is kind of a branch from number 1. It could mean hugging a random person or singing karaoke. JUST DO IT!!!
4.Brighten someones day. Send a randm e-card or give a compliment. Smile!
5.Obesess over something. 1D, Doctor Who, Hungergames, Spiderman...
6.Find a new and unexpected reading spot and set up shop! Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery.
7. Accomplish something. I want to do a 5k and finsih my second draft for a WIP.
8.Make a call. Pull out the yellow pages and find a publishing house. Just talk to them about your aspirations as a writer and ask for tips. Or, call a random person and have a conversation.
9.Have a water day. Summer is not summer until you've gotten wet atleast once. If you cant go to the beach or pool,host a waterballoon fight with siblings, cousins, or cose firends. If you really want to make it a day to remember invite everyone you know, even the cashiers at starbucks!
10.Be yourself no matter what changes may happen over the next two months. If you feel uncomfortable wearing a bikini, then work that one piece like you're Marilyn Monroe. Is everyone jamming to a new poppy song that you hate? Hook up you i-pod and suggest one of your favoritemetallica songs.

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  1. Love this! It can really apply to any time in life.
    High fives from The Not-So-Secret Life of the Average Person :)


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