Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday Night Poetry

The school week is almost over! Don't give up we can make it another two days! Until then, here be a poem I wrote last week :)

Yes I realize it went from stanzas into a mess of free verse but that's kind of how emotion works right?

Not Good Enough
A Poem by K.Leah Lotus
All Rights Reserved 
Copyright © 2013

Strike the match as if it might burn
hope is the spark of the soul
you long for the dance of the magical flair
-on your skin
in a world of
this desolate cold

Warm embrace, you beg for it's touch
it's chest inflated with pride
its yours for the taking, it summons you near
you'll be satisfied

Strike one, it sparked, but sputtered till death
and you try once more to ignite
and with palms slick with sweat, you try yet again
that this time
you'll finally light

and it does! and the glow, luminous! Bright!
but you see that you're scorched
by his and hers, they produce searing flames
you dwindle
so you fade
and you lower your torch
it still burns you
searing your gentle flesh
this small piece of lighting
has turned on you 
that one strike
the sharp friction
of wood on wood
on metal
on stone
the competition has gone
and now you're all alone
a dream deferred?
a competitor forgotten
this flare 
has been
into the  dust
you're light has not shown
because you're not good enough


  1. Wow, that was really good, Leah :) I loved it and the way i read this seemed a lot like the human life spand. It takes a while to ignite, to become something and when your life starts it seems as if it ends as fast as you begun. This poem...i loved it. And so does my 7 year old sister, apparently. Even though I'm sure all she heard was a clutter, stutter of words :)
    You should post more poetry..more often :)
    Then i read your poem again, and then it seemed to speak of my fear as an aspiring writer. That I'll finally finish this novel, or get this big break that'll last a few days. Or it'll just be unnoticed. That my dream of being the next Suzanne Collins, Stephanie Meyer, Nicholas Sparks, Rick Riordan won't come true. But smothered, deterred a dream :/

    Great poem!

    1. Oh my! I'm so sorry, I shoulda chose another one. I didn't mean to discourage your dreams, this is just something I wrote personally when I was feeling really down about my writing. In no way should you believe you're not good enough!


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